• Casual Hall Hire

    Casual Hall Hire

    General Information

    • Bookings should be made via the parish administrator by calling the church office on 01581 451132 or emailing office@stfrancisluton.org.uk
    • Payments should be made at least 14 days before date of hire
    • 75 cash deposit is required upon booking
    • The kitchen is included in all bookings
    • The hall, meeting room and kitchen can be viewed on Wednesdays between 13.00-14.00, an appointment with the parish administrator must be made beforehand
    • Sunday bookings are taken from 13.00
    • Rubbish must be taken off the premises
    • Bouncy castles permitted in the hall, 11ft high max, insurance documents must be provided before date of hire.

    Rates & Capacity Meeting Room Hall Meeting Room and Hall Rate per hour


    Meeting Room


    Meeting Room and Hall

    Rate per hour




    Max Seating




    Max Standing




    The below equipment is included in the hire
    5 x 120cm long (stored on the stage)
    5 x 180cm long (stored on the stage)
    8 x children’s tables (low height, stored on the stage)
    5 x children’s tables (low height, stored in the hall)
    10 x 177cm long (stored near main door in the lobby)
    70 adults (stored in hall, stacked 10 chairs high?
    60 adults (stored in the stage room)
    29 children’s chairs (stored in the hall)
    Cups, plates, bowls and cutlery can be found in the kitchen drawers and cupboards.
    The kitchen has 2 ovens, microwave, fridge freezer, kettle, urns, mop, bucket and broom.


    Main Hall

    Meeting Room


  • Casual Hire Conditions

    Thank you for your interest in hiring our facilities, we hope that they meet your requirements. St. Francis Church Hall and Meeting Rooms adjoin our place of worship and are in a residential area. We ask that you appreciate the purpose for which the Church is intended by treating the building and our neighbours respectfully.
    Hire of the Premises
    1. The hire of the Hall and/or Meeting Rooms is arranged through the Parish Administrator. This can be done via the Church Office telephone (01582 451132) or via e-mail (office@stfrancisluton.org.uk).
    2. When booking the Hall and/or Meeting Rooms please allow sufficient time for setting up and clearing away. This time should be included in the hire period and charged for accordingly. All hirers are responsible for leaving the building in a clean and tidy state.
    3. Shared use of the lobby area, toilets & kitchen is included in the hire.
    4. In the case of an emergency during your hire time please call one of our church wardens:
    Martin Ellway – 07487889846
    Graham Hosker – 01582 423813
    1. The hire rates are set by the Parochial Church Council.
    2. All bookings should be paid for 14 days prior to the hire date. Cheques should be made payable to: St. Francis Church. A 75 cash deposit is required upon booking to cover any cleaning, damage or breakages. It is the hirer’s responsibility to organise the return of the deposit following an inspection of the Hall and/or Meeting Rooms after the event and provided no damage or breakage, have taken place or any cleaning is required. Forfeit of part or all of the deposit for cleaning, damage or breakage is at the discretion by the Churchwardens.
    Doors and Fire Exits
    1. Please ensure that the outside door is not double locked whilst people are in the building. Only the higher lock should be used so that people can exit without the need of a key and so that no one can enter without permission.
    2. When only the hall is occupied, the doors to the adjoining meeting rooms should be kept locked.
    3. When the meeting rooms are in use the fire door in the meeting room should be unlocked.
    4. Please note fire exits are situated in the following places:
    Hall Lobby - main door to the outside & door to the lower corridor.
    Main Hall - door to the hall lobby, door to the stage, concertina door & door to church lobby.
    Meeting Rooms – concertina door & door to the outside.
    St. Francis Church, Luton July 2016 Registered Charity No: 1136430
    Lower Corridor – door to the store room, door from store room to the garden.
    5. Please make sure that all fire exits are accessible and report any problems to the parish administrator or churchwardens.
    6. Fire doors should not be hooked or wedged open more than necessary and should always be closed before leaving the building.
    7. In case of fire you should exit the building via one of these routes:
    Main door from the hall lobby to car park.
    Door from hall lobby to lower corridor - door to store room - door out to garden.
    Door from main hall to stage - door out to garden.
    Door from main hall to church lobby – main church door to outside
    Door from meeting room to car park.
    8. All fire precautions must be observed and entrance and exit doors must not be blocked.
    Use of the Premises…
    1. Please arrange with the Parish Administrator for the collection and return of the keys.
    2. Please supply your own tea towels, dish cloths and detergent. You can use our crockery and cutlery but please wash and dry them and put them back in the cupboard.
    3. Someone must remain in the kitchen when food is being cooked on the hob.
    4. Please cover all tables with tablecloths before use.
    5. Please note the coffee machines are not permitted for use.
    6. Children’s Parties – adequate supervision must be provided. We suggest a ratio of 1 adult to 5 children of 10 years and under and 1 adult to 10 children of high-school age.
    7. No smoking is allowed in any of the buildings, on the ramp leading to the hall entrance or under the church porch.
    8. Please ensure you have adequate contents insurance, as the church insurance does not cover your equipment.
    9. Bouncy Castles are permitted but a copy of your insurance must be shown to the parish administrator.
    10. If you are playing music or singing please give consideration to our neighbours by keeping the volume to a reasonable level. We have no Phonographic Performance Licence.
    11. The Parochial Church Council has no licence for the sale of alcohol on the premises. You may, however, supply drink for your own consumption or arrange for your own licensed bar.
    12. Ideally, any electrical equipment brought onto the Premises should have been PAT tested. The hirer will be liable for any damage caused as the result of using electrical items brought onto the premises that have not been PAT tested.
    13. Ball games inside the building are only permitted if using soft balls.
    14. The hirer shall ensure that the Hall and/or Meeting Rooms are used solely for the purpose for which it was let and shall not be sub-let to any other person or persons whatsoever.
    15. The hirer shall take all reasonable precautions to prevent disorderly conduct.
    16. Any accident must be recorded in the Accident Book to be found in the kitchen along with a first aid kit.
    17. The hirer shall not provide, or have provided for use, any additional fittings without the previous consent of the Parish Administrator. Existing fittings shall neither be moved nor altered.
    18. No animals of any kind, with the exception of guide dogs, are allowed on the premises without first consulting with the parish administrator.
    19. No responsibility will be accepted for articles lost, mislaid or stolen.
    20. Holding of the keys is the sole responsibility of the person named as the hirer. Loss of keys will incur replacement of the lock and keys at the expense of the hirer.
    21. We request that only Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar be used on the premises.
    22. The use of Blu-Tack is prohibited in all areas of the building.
    23. Do not tamper with the timers on the boilers or the valves on the radiators. If you think the heating needs to be adjusted please contact the parish administrator or churchwardens.
    On Leaving the Premises…
    1. Please check all lights are switched off, always check the lower corridor & toilet cubicles. Do not switch off the car park floodlights, these are automatic and hopefully discourage unacceptable behaviour in the car park. Please note some emergency lights stay on.
    2. All portable appliances are to be switched off and unplugged, the only exception is the fridge in the kitchen.
    3. The hand dryers in the toilets and the central heating boilers should be left turned on. Please ensure the serving hatch in the kitchen is closed.
    4. The premises should be restored to the original state of cleanliness otherwise some of the deposit may be withheld. Cleaning will be charged at 12.50 per hr per person or part thereof. Brooms, mop and bucket etc. are available in the kitchen for this purpose. A hoover is stored in the cupboard located next to the men’s toilets in the lower passageway.
    5. Please ensure all areas are cleared of any equipment at the end of your hire time.
    6. All tables and chairs must be put back in the hall & meeting rooms as found and additional chairs taken from the stage must be returned there.
    7. Please take your rubbish home with you. Bring your own rubbish sacks for this purpose.
    8. At the end of the hire period please ensure the building is securely locked and return the keys through the black letterbox next to the front entrance to the church.
    9. Any damages, breakages or problems should be reported to the Parish Administrator. The hirer will be liable for all damage, which may be done to the building or to the fixtures, fittings, furniture and articles therein, during the period of hire.
    10. The Vicar or a representative of the Parochial Church Council has the right to refuse entry or expel any person, persons or group who use unreasonable behaviour or cause damage. Their decision is final. No refund of hire charges will be made and the refundable deposit may be forfeited.
    July 2016

    St. Francis Church, Luton July 2016 Registered Charity No: 1136430

We Have the Church Hall and Meeting rooms available for hire when we are not using them. We have a well equipped kitchen. The hall has disabled access  and level assess to the disabled toilet. For your information we have added the hire conditions to these pages but to book you need to contact the parish administrator in the church. We regret we cannot take online bookings at the moment. Click on the tabs below for details

St. Francis Parish Church, Carteret Road, Luton. LU2 9JZ. Tel 01582 451132 (Parish Office)
E-mail :  office@stfrancisluton.org.uk
The church office is open  Mondays - Thursday 9.30 - 12.30 Friday closed


Hall for Hire


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